Hi my name is Ri and I'm an illustrator from the Philippines. Thank you for your interest in my art.My commissions are: OPEN

Terms of Service

  • Please be nice! Let's be respectful to one another. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

  • I reserve the right to decline commissions.

  • Patience is a must! Please do not rush me. Estimated waiting time is 4-7 weeks.

  • You will only be commissioning me for the Live2D Model Art. Rigging will not be included.

  • Those with existing character design/sheet have higher chances of being accepted for Live2D Models.

  • However I am open to discussing creating character design from scratch. This will incur additional fees.

  • I will be sending WIPs (Work in Progress) for every stage of the commission. Please be sure to approve or state the changes needed accordingly. Major alterations after the rendering stage will incur an additional fee. Minor fixes are free of charge.

  • Please do not edit or trace my art and claim as yours.

  • Please do not crop my signature out (Illustration commissions).

  • Please give me proper credit when posting or using my art. For vtuber children, please add me as your mama somewhere on your social media page.


  • Payments will be through paypal.

  • Cancellation and 100% refund will only be allowed if the commission has not been started.

  • 50/50 payment plan (50% upfront, 50% after base color) is allowed. However, those who paid in full will be prioritized. Please let me know if you will avail this installment plan in the commission form.

  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Commercial Use

What is commercial use? It is when the commissioned artwork is intended to be used for promoting a business or platforms that generate profit or revenue such as Twitch/Youtube/Facebook/Patreon/A business etc. As well as the intent to reproduce and sell artwork publicly or privately.A couple of examples include: a vtuber model used for streaming on a revenue/profit earning platform like Twitch/Youtube/Facebook or emotes that are acquired through subs/donations. Another example is branding materials such as: banners, intro cards, business cards etc.

  • Live2D model prices already include full commercial use.

  • For regular artwork, you will be asked to pay an additional commercial fee (up to 2x the price) if you wish to use my artwork commercially (refer to above) my watermark/signature shall remain in the artwork.

  • my art is not available for full copyright transfer as of now (removing my signature, changing full ownership of artwork for reproduction purposes etc.)

Sketchy Waist Shots


You will receive a minimum of 900px in .png format (transparent background) as well as a white background .jpg format
+ Additional character is 2x the price
+ Complex character design will be simplified

Live2D Model Art


You will receive a .PSD file with organized layers ready to be rigged. Rigging is NOT included.
+ Includes 3 expressions : blush, teary, pout
+ Complex character design will incur additional fees

Additional Expression+20-30 USD each
Additional Body Part+50-75 USD each
Additional Hairstyle+100-200 USD each
Additional Clothing+100-500 USD each

rigging by Qmori_

Latest Models

Character Sheet


+ 1 fully rendered front view (full body)
+ 1 cell shaded back view (full body)
+ 1 cell shaded side view (bust)
+ Up to 5 Character outfit details + color palettes
+ Complex character design will incur additional fees

Half-body Illustration


You will receive a minimum of 1200px in .png format (transparent background) as well as a white background .jpg format
+ Can range from hip-up to thigh-up depending on what the composition allows
+ Additional character is 2x the price
+ Complex character design will incur additional fees